Tuesday, June 1, 2010

london calling

   In my absence...soccer games...charity day...birthday parties...home reno's....and last but not least....lots of zzzzzz's!  I am excited to announce that a new little bean will be welcomed into our family in early December! We are over the moon excited! My son is hoping for a brother...he thinks that 4 sisters would be far too much to handle!!! And I think he might be right! A little more testosterone and a little less estrogen might swing the balance a little more in a manageable direction..but...we still have em beat on leaving the seat down!  Stay tuned...in a few weeks we hope to find out...if the little one cooperates and lets us get a peek!  Either way...we are blessed!
 On a side note....Josh and I are visiting London for a week sans kids! It is fabulous! I now can say that I have experienced jetleg.... but the city is so beautiful I wouldn't dare complain.  We are off to see Jersey Boys tomorrow night...the theaters are incredible and the city is full of so much history it is almost overwhelming!

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