Thursday, May 21, 2009

home at last

We had a great vacation...but 2 weeks is just too long to be gone from home for me. I need my "stuff" around me. paper pens paint journal canvases laptop knitting needles yarn..etc..etc..etc. I could so easily be a hermit. The kids had a great time...and travelling from Canada to South Carolina in a minivan with 6 of us actually was not bad at all. Even the wee one...only 10 weeks old slept through the majority of the drive and was an angel the entire vacation. We are convinced that she wants to move the US...she has a tendancy to be a tad grumpy...but on our trip she was such a happy easy baby... Now back at home, she is her old self! So adorable though we can't stop squeezing her.
Painting is "Rebecca". 16x20 canvas. acrylics and collage.

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